A direct sequel to “1-800-Funk-Sauce.com”, “1-800-Funk-Sauce.com Part II: Another Dimension” takes place ten years after the conclusion of the first film.

Trapped in the throes of defeatism from trying to live a good life within modern capitalistic society, our protagonist is called on yet again by his funky alien friend Brodon. Their mission this time: With the awesome powers of music and friendship, they must once again save the funk and the planet from the vice grip of the elite billionaire ruling class.

Produced, directed, and written by Joe Seul during the 2020 Pandemic; the film features a cast of 16 voice actors via bedroom recording studios throughout the United States (including Seul, starring as himself), an all-original singalong soundtrack by Gushing, and out-of-this-world 3D animation.

Utilizing high-end graphics hardware and laser-equipped motion capture technology, along with the maximalist sonic-experimentation that Gushing is known for, “1-800-Funk-Sauce.com Part II: Another Dimension” is a deadly-serious and gut-wrenchingly hilarious audiovisual feast of content.

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